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Arrange your selected colours on the lowest row of the board - in any order.

Secretary-Generals of the United Nations

In this activity, you will be asked to list those people that have held the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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Kurt Waldheim

Ban Ki-moon

Kofi Annan

Trygve Lie

U Thant

James Monroe

Karl Marx

Rajiv Gandhi

John Kennedy

Barak Obama


Number correct

Secretary-Generals of the United Nations


You need to identify the five people who have been UN Secretary-Generals from the list on the left - each has a coloured ball against their name.

Drag the coloured balls from the panel below the grid and place them on the placeholders in the row at the bottom. There is no specific order required.

The numbers on the left of the grid are the scores for the rows. As you start from the bottom row, you get the maximum score if you can place the correct group on this row. Your scores go on reducing with the number of attempts as you move up the rows.

Once you have placed your selected coloured balls on a row, click Submit.

On the right hand side of the grid, you will see dots as you click Submit. These dots indicate the number of correct colours selected. However, it doesn't indicate which coloured balls are correct. You may need to try again if you have less than five.

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