French Chat

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Bonjour, Elise! Ca va?

Salut, Henri! Ca va. Je te presente mon ami, Alain.

Bonjour, Alain. De quel pay etes-vous?

Je viens d'australie. Comment vous appelez-vous?

Je m'appelle Henri. Vous travaillez ou vous etes etudient en France?

Je visite Elise et sa famille pour mes vacances.

Elise, quelle heure est-il s'il te plait?

Il est huit heures, Henri. Pouquoi?

Zut! Mon autobus...

Salut is used as a less formal 'bonjour' and can also be used as 'goodbye'.

'Ca va' is a versatile comment - as the voice goes up it becomes a question 'how's it going?', with the answer 'ca va' meaning 'okay'

Countries or nationalities are not capitalised in French.

Because the reference is to Elise's family, the female possessive is used.

'S'il vous plait' is used where the person or people are not close - those addressed as 'vous'. Close friends and family are usually addressed as 'tu'.