Tailored Learning Solutions

Every organisation has the need, at some stage, to provide knowledge or training to some or all of its stakeholders. Finding a way to reach everyone cost-effectively is the challenge to which online learning responds.

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..Professional Development



..Health and Safety

..Tailored Training

  • Job specific upskilling or refreshing

  • Preparation for external courses

  • Training to enhance promotion opportunities

  • Outward facing training on organisation products/services

See an example of our professional development approach

  • Systems and equipment usage

  • Internal process procedures

  • Intra-organisation messaging

..See an example of our guidance approach

  • Updating on regulations/rules/laws

  • Advice required to be passed on to all

  • Organisational rules and requirements

..See an example of our compliance approach

  • Awareness of overarching regulations

  • Training to address identified problem areas

  • Advice to improve environment for all

..See an example of our health and safety approach

  • Deeper job specific training

  • Classroom training support

  • Outward facing training

..See an example of our tailored training approach